Hall of Fame

On this page is a showing of some of the bikes we have built and some of the bikes built by our customers using our frames and parts.

If you have a bike with one of our frames, send us a pic & we'll post it on here.

BSA A65 trad 70s chop

Bought on a whim as a rusty unfinished project from a long time ago. Many parts had been refurbished but some of it was junk. Had to re-do the hardtail & rake job as it was a bit iffy.
Built it up through the summer of 2020.
Montana Red

This is my 50th ground-up custom bike build.
Built it for myself in 2018-2019. The last 'Northern States' series bike that started 25 years ago!
Its an FXR softail frame with a 1550 twincam electraglide drivetrain.
Paint & artwork by Hilary at Hurricane Art
Might be a keeper!
Soon to be featured in BSH.
Neil strikes again!

Cant keep a good man down! No sooner had he finished the red shovel chop (a few bikes down) Neil got in touch and ordered another rigid for an evo.
A few months later, all done.
Lee Chappells Sporty rigid

A lockdown special!
Lee's had frames from us before. We built this rigid for him right about the time the spring lockdown started (2020)
So with few distractions, he quickly got the bike built. Cool.
Brit Chopper XLST

This was Marks own personal project. And like most custom-bike shop owners he never gets time to do his own stuff! (something we know all about!)
So it took awhile, but worth it in the end.
Andy Gayfers Dyna Softail 

This bike was built ages ago and has changed hands a few times. Was in a sorry state when Andy bought it.
He's given it a nice makeover and is now back on the road.
Leapy's Chop
A sad story
Leapy was an old friend from many years ago. Born with spina bifida, this never stopped him riding & partying along with everyone else.
In the early 2000s he started amassing parts for a Harley build, but an accident and them medical problems meant he could no longer ride.
The parts gathered dust in a friends garage until last year when I got a message to say it was for sale. Made contact and bought it all in October 2017.
Seemed wrong to part it out so ended up building it up. Raked & stretched the (Cobra) softail frame, added +4" tubes to the SJP forks, sourced the needed parts, painted & chromed, SVA'd it in August 2018
Intended to ride it down to show him the finished article.
But almost exactly a year after buying it, news came through that he'd died.
Rode it at the funeral
RIP mate.
Rusty Spoke sporty softail

Paul at Rusty Spoke m/cs ordered a sportster softail frame in May 2017.
They soon got this Dennis Hopper / Easy-rider inspired chop done.
Well done guys.
Joolz's sporty softail

John (Joolz's other half) ordered a sportster softail to chop her stock sporty in March 2017.
Grub at Blackmarket Customs did the build to his usual high standard and got it done by December
We hear Joolz is well chuffed with the result.
FXR rigid by Dutch

Dutch runs Excalibur Engineering and is a long-time chop builder.
He had us make this radical FXR rigid in December 2017 and got it finished by August 2018.
Definitely a proper chopper!

Sera Jays 'Black Rose'

Built in honour of Sarah Lancaster who got killed for being a Goth a few years ago.
This is a Buell XB variant of our sportster softail frame which we are now offering.

Sera's made a nice job of this, with paint by Darren at AirFX
Now registered and on the road.
Blacksilver FXR softail

An in-house project. I was going to have this for myself, was to be red. But a local friend saw the dry build and said he wanted to buy it...but could I do it black. So we did.
Unfortunate circumstances meant he couldn;t go through with the deal, but a few months later Smiffy of Suffolk NCC bought it.
Its a 1440cc evo mated to a 90s 'Glide transmission in one of our FXR softail frames. Wheels are Suzuki DL1000 - chrome powder coated, tank an axed electraglide, and the forks +6" V-rod. Rear fender is the original one off Dakota Black.
Rick H's Sportster softail

More than a touch of early 70s style here! Nice job Rick.
The 'not-Eddie' rigid sporty

This is on the Rigids page as a bare frame. Eddie sold the project, cant remember who took it on, but at least they ditched the front mounted oiltank! Not sure if its finished here or not. Nice lines though.
Neils low shovel

Serial Harley-builder Neil asked us for a shovel rigid a bit lower than stock in autumn 2017. A quick worker, Neil sent us a pic a few months later.
Brit-Chopper Buell rigid

One of a number of frames we made for Brit Chopper customs in Norwich back in 2014 or so. This ones a Buell XB along with their happy customer.
Scouse Tonys RSD softail

We've probably made more frames for Tony than anyone else, ever. Averaged 2 a year for about 10 years. Heres one of them nearing completion
Grubs new sporty
Grub came along with a pair of huge diameter wheels and other bits in Jan 2016, and a requirement do build something different & eye-catching.
We sorted out this subtly curved rigid frame for him.
He certainly acheived his goal; bike has been featured in 100% biker and has won every bike show its been entered into.
Well done mate.
Grubs sporty

This project has been round the houses! A big-tube sportster rigid frame we made for Kev Farmer ages ago.
Sumo of VintageChop bought the project and made much progress before selling it to Grub of Blackmarket Customs who finished it off....twice! this is the second incarnation. Cool.
Graemes W650

This was the frame I made in '06 for Haighy.
Greame bought the project & finished it off nicely.
Stephano's rigid shovel

We did this shovel rigid in 2014 for Italian customer Stephano and his friend Ivan who (we think) did the build..
Its a combination of 2 Jesse James designs
Johan's Dyna rigid

Made this rigid dyna-glide frame for Belgian customer Johan in 2014.
It was inspired by one we made back in 2003 for Neil Page - much lower down on this page.
Salt Flash!

Well we had to add a pic of our Bonneville Speed-Week entry didn't we?
Click the pic to go to the Salt Flash page.
Keiths Rigid Sporty chop

We built this rigid sporty frame for Keith back in about 2009(?) Nice job.
A few months back (2014) we hardtailed an XS650 for his son Kyle. Like father like son!
Julian's Dyna Chop

Julian had us build this rigid Dyna chop frame in 2013. Got it finished almost exactly a year later. Proper!
Dawn's sporty softail

Dawn & Paul had us build this sporty softail 3 or 4 years ago with the emphasis on practicality (note the towbar). Just the job for rallygoing.
Kev's sporty softail

We made this frame for Kev from Southend in 2013; Leigh Classics helped him build it..
Nice traditional chop. He says of the bike: "Rides really well, no vibration to speak about. Mono shock is a pleasure to ride on"

Davids chop

This is Davids first chop, but definitely not his first build! An engineering graduate who did a car project at college and then a 300hp blown kit car. Which he sold to do the chop.
A 120" Ultima drivetrain was ordered and we did a solid-mount softail to suit. He did the rest, and very well too. At the same time he built the injected  Camaro behind it from a rusted out hulk. All seemingly with no difficulty at all!

He's become a good friend and a partner in our Bonneville adventures.
Randys XLST

We built Randys Sportster softail frame a couple of years ago, and he sent us this pic last year. What a cracking job he's made of it.
Darrens Norton bobber

This one was a long story.
Darren called & asked about a hardtail job on his Norton frame, along with a few other jobs. Agreed to take it on.

A few weeks later a huge crate arrived; we had to call the firm down the road to send a forklift to unload it!
Inside was just about every part Darren had ever bought! each carefully wrapped. Took about a day to unpack!
More than just a hardtail job then... After much ado, and quite a bit of time the bare metal bike was shipped back.
Worth it in the end, I think you'll agree.
Darrens made a lovely job of it.
Nigels solid-mount softail chop.

Regular customer Nigel built this chop a couple years ago in his usual radical stylle! Think he's sold it on now. Keep up the good work Nige!
Dyno Daves rigid FXR.

Dave bought a radical rigid chop, but wanted something more rideable. So we made him a new frame to use most of the original parts. Didn't mess about, He had it on the road in about 6 weeks!
Dave Fowlers rigid sporty

We made this sporty rigid for Dave in December 2009. He sent us this pic in June 2011. Looks like a good usable chop.
Ass's Trident

We made this frame a long time ago. Ass was in the Chopper-Club then..
He sent us this pic in 2011; only just found it again!
I seem to remember that we built this frame using a mock-up pic of an engine on a box with various garden implenments representing forks etc!
Neat bike. Not too many Tridents in chops these days
Rogers Shovel

All round nice guy Roger, an NCC member, ordered this shovel rigid frame....again!, a long time ago! Probably around year 2000. Just about perfect.
Photo nicked fom NCC
Hans's swingarm FXR

Another one we made long ago, around the time we did Rogers & Ass's above in fact. Based on a FLT tourer. Just a simple swingarm frame, (frame seen in the swingarm frames page) but a nice clean bike.
Red Evo Chop

For want of a better name!

Its based on a stock 1991 evo engine, softail 5-speed & primaries. Chunky rigid frame with 3"stretch & 36 degrees rake. 4"over GSXR 750 forks in narrow-glide yokes. Supertrapp X pipes, 170 x 15 rear wheel.
We sold this bike to help fund our Bonneville activities in 2012

*Click the pic for more images*

Weslake Land-speed Bonneville bike

As seen on the dedicated webpages (click the pic)

The Rocket 8. Done at last!

Its been a long haul on & off, mostly off! Languishing unfinished for so long  it might well have taken root. Decided in 2010 to make the effort to finish it off. On the road August 2011.
Used it regularly until the end of 2017 when we sold it to Nige.
See the whole buildup story by clicking on the pic.

Gavins Bobber

Rather more dressed than usual for a bobber; Gavin built this fine beast from a twincam Glide and one of our FXR softail frames. First build too, I think.

Pilkys XLST Buell

Another completion from the 'work in progress' page. Ol' Pilky's made a cracking job of this Buell motored  Sporty Softail.

Wurzels Mutant sporty

A quick worker is Wurz; He took delivery of this Mutant frame back in November 2010. He got it all done & on the road in time for the good spring weather. Well done Wurzel.

Andys sporty bobber

Another simple hardtail job for us, which doesn't make it any the less special. Good one Andy.

Phils Mutant

As seen in the 'work in progress' section. All done now with the help of Andy Harris Customs. A more raked-out Mutant look here. Nice.

Arfs Pan
Its probably fair to say that this wasn't a happy build. Arf of Cambs NCC took a chance on an ebay bike purchase from the USA. Looked OK, just like this in fact, but when it arrived it was clear that the gamble hadn't paid off. The frame was made out of thinwall spindly tube and had started breaking up. Not best pleased, Arf asked us to make a proper one which we did. Unfortunately there was a couple of minor glitches, the main one of which- exhaust fitment- was an unavoidable consequence of correcting  one of the problems of the original design. Arf wasn't happy, to say the least, already having the arse-ache with the bike, but we modified the exhaust for nowt and tweaked centre tube clearance.
Jays Bikes & Trikes in Yarmouth finished the build. Alls well that ends well
I guess.

Jim's FXR softail chop

Jims no stranger to chop building, came to see us a couple of years back and ordered this proper-chop FXR softail frame. Looks cool Jim.
Probably took me longer to post this pic up than it did for Jim to build the bike!

Phixers Flyer

Another one from the work in progress page finished , SVAd & registered. Phixer (Mark) is one of the figures behind BritChopper magazine. This is his first HD chop. What a nice job he's made of it. Paintwork (all his own work) is brilliant.
See the buildup story on:

Murrels's rigid evo chop.

As seen on the 'work in progress' page. Now finished and the cover bike in the November (09) issue of 100% Biker magazine.
Murrels, a prominent NCC member from Suffolk wanted a big-tube rigid frame wrapped around his evo softail drivetrain with  japanese forks & wheels. If I remember right, we did the frame, yokes, oiltank, rear fender (Murrels hates that term!), 'bars, and set up the rear wheel.
I believe Hip fron So-Low customs takes the credit for assembling it all up.
Another outstanding and usable chop from the NCC guys.

Billys Bobber

Billy sold his evo softail chop (as seen lower down on this page) and decided to build a simple sportster bobber as a runaround; something he didn't have to worry about too much.
We hardtailed the stock frame and made a few other bits & bobs, and Billy set to work.
True to form, he's made such a nice job of it, with loads of attention to detail, that he's now had to buy a stock HD to use as a runaround!

Marks Mutaneous Yam - finished.

As seen on the 'work in progress' page. Mark has succeeded in making a nice job of a very unusual  project. Well done Mark.

Darrens FXRST

Darren bought himself a nice looking rigid evo chop off ebay, but as is often the case, closer inspection, and a bit of riding later, it proved to be not all that it might have been.
He decided to build it into a better chassis and as it was based on an FXR drivetrain, he asked us for an FXR softail frame.
Looks like its come toger nicely.

Stax's Dyna softail

Stax is a longtime NCC member fron Sussex. Like a lot of guys who've been around awhile, he decided to build his 'best & last' bike and bought a twincam Dyna as a basis for the project. We sorted him out a dynasoft frame assembly, yokes and rear fender.
Later after it was on the road for a bit, Stax decided on more ground clearance  and added longer fork tubes. Hence the slightly nose high stance.

Marks softail

Might not be Marks now. Spotted at the Hotrod Nats. Immediately recognised the frame as one of ours, but couldn't immediately remember when & for whom we did it..
Looking thru the records, it was one we did in autumn '02 for Mark in (I think) Southampton. We did the rear wheel too.
Nice bike anyway.

Nigel's sporty

This one is on the 'work in progress' page. We knew it was done & on the road, but this is the first time we've seen it for real.
Nice one Nige.

Lee's Sporty

This ones unusual in that its a '04-up rubbermount engine. We made the frame for Lee early in 2009. He soon got it done. Here it is at the Nats. Nice simple bobber.

Glen's sportster bobber

This was just a simple hardtail job for us, but sometimes less is more. Very neat Glen.

Biffos Fat Bastard

Biffos Custom Bikes down in Southend need no introduction from us. They bought a few frames from us a couple of years ago. Heres one result. A nice RSD fat tyre bike. 

Nige's XLRST

Looks like Nige has finished the rubbermount sportster bike that we did the rolling chassis for in 2008. Spotted at a local bike show Easter 09. See the frame setup on the 'work in progress' page.

Briz's own chop

 Click the pic for more.

Sold to Kev summer 2016.

Colins Dyna 

Old mate Colin decided back in '04 to build something a bit special partly to showcase the billet wheels he was thinking of offering to the market. A twincam dyna was bought and we did him a dyna softail frame for it & supplied suitably over-length fork tubes for the 49mm V-Rod forks. The gearbox was rebuilt with RSD internals to clear the 280 rear tyre.

Marvos Triumph

Heres a bike thats a bit late to the party; Marvo conceived this Triumph  project back in about 1996 and we made him the frame for it that year. Using GSXR forks & wheels, an offset engine and oil in frame, this is a modern take on the classic Bonneville. Scotty did a lot of work on it too and it was soon on the road. It was featured in BSH & won many prizes. Unfortunately about 5 or 6 years ago, poor ol' Marvo got Volvo-ed on it, damaging himself & the bike. Feeling the need to ressurect the bike, Marvo re-established contact this year and we basically replaced the whole front half of the frame. Marvo plans a different paint scheme this time & we look forward to seeing it back on the road.

Billys bike rises again!

We built Billys bike 5 years ago (see below), and although it didn't need a makeover, 'circumstances' forced another rebuild. Be careful out there Billy!

Andy's Rubbermount Sportster.

Andy came from a sportsbike background; he wanted to do a sportster that was fast & handled well and was a bit different. We built a chrome moly frame and used a combination of Buell & FXR parts to rubbermount the engine. We modified a GSXR swingarm and basically set up the rolling chassis. Matts engineering built up a rather special engine. We met Andy at a recent event. He's very pleased with the result. To say the least.

Daves Long Shovel

We built Dave the frame & one or two bits for this in September '05. We'd almost forgotten about it until this pic appeared on the HDRCGB site from the '07 Oswestry run. What a cutie! Photo by Baza.

Martins Mutant

Another fine mutant style build up. Martins from Ireland, we built him the frame, oiltank and other parts in November '06. Looks like Martin has made an excellent job of it.  Click on the pic for more.

 Dakota Black revisited

We first built 'Dakota Black' back in 1997 for our friend Jim Brown. (its near the bottom of this page here ) He brought it in autumn '07 for a makeover. Finally finished. Click the pic for more.

Jocks last ride.

Jock passed away last October. A regular customer who became a friend; a big man in every sense, and a long-time chopper club member. Seen here picking up the 'best chop' award at the '06 Bulldog bash. A full account of Jocks swansong bike was published in BSH Dec. '06. Rest in peace, mate.

Briz's Beezer Bobber

We built this in 2006, really as an accessory for our '59 El-Camino pick up, but its attracted quite a lot of attention, having made the front cover of 2 magazines. Made a change from doing HDs.

Click the pic for the full story

Teds Shovel

Finally done, Teds rigid shovel has been awhile in the gestation, but well worth the wait. Click the pic for more on the Krazy Horse site. The rolling chassis is on the Rigids page.

Mark's Nitrous Nightmare!

Mark (thats him) kindly sent us a CD of his finished bike. He tells the story:

"Built in the comfort of the dining room from only the cheapest components, it finally chugged into life on the 27th of April. An uncomfortable evil handling pig-on-stilts, the subtlety of Hitler with a hangover, and I love it."

Can you spot the nitrous bottles set into the tank? See the frame on the Rigids page

Harry's  KH BSA A65

Harry is a customer of Krazy Horse who having seen their Zero sportster, decided that this was the way he'd like his BSA project to go. Krazy horse asked us to produce a suitable frame (see the rolling chassis in the 'work in progress' section) and this is the finished result. Paint was in this instance deemed unnecessary! Click on the pic for more images on the KH site.  Oh yeah; thanks for the single malt, Harry!

Neil's Mutant Sportster

O'l Neil's done it again! Sold his Shovel bobber (below) and got the hankering for the Redneck Mutant style of thing. We made him the frame & oiltank in September '06, and sure enough, it was done in about February '07. And done very well by the looks of it

When we made Robs mutant style frame (below), we never thought we'd do another one like it. If we had, we'd have recorded some dimensions and saved having to figure it all out again! Straight after doing Neil's frame, we did Martin's (above). See the Rigids frame page.

Nigel's FXR Softail

Nigel is a regular customer who likes to have multiple projects on the go. He came to see us in the summer of '05 with the intention of getting a new chop done by September, (which was about 6 weeks away!) so he could take it with him on a planned tour of Germany.  We pulled our fingers out and got the rolling chassis done by the beginning of August. Nigel had an FXR donor bike, so all that was necessary was paint, polish, wiring and final assembly. Nige's a sprayer so the paint was no problem. To see the finished bike, you'd never guess that there was any haste in its build, but then, this isn't exactly Nige's first project!

FXR Softails

John Dekko's Shovel

We made the frame for Johns  shovel back in December '04. He soon finished the bike and sent us this pic, which we saved but forgot to post it it here for some reason. Well its here now!. A radical 8" stretch in the (single) down tube and 12" over forks. 

Cool bike, John.

Graham's XLST

While we're being forgetful, we're also late in putting this one up. Its the XLST on the 'work in progress' page. Graham certainly made a nice job of it, even if it did take a little while to finish..

Griff's big-tube Shovel

With a good few miles on his last project, (see his softail panhead below),  Griff set about building a fat (280) tyre, big tube shovel rigid. We made the frame in the summer of 2004 & he finished it early 2006 Nice going Griff.

Rob's Mutant style Buell: 'Rum'un'

Rob was particularly taken with the Texas based Redneck Engineering Mutant style, but not with Rednecks frame prices, or their lack of interest in selling outside the US! He brought us a pic & we made him one. Top Suffolk chop builder Morph did the rest, and very nicely too.

Tony's Merseyside monster

Tony & Tia are a colourful pair of scouse characters;  they built this neat chop around one of our solid mount softail frames and by the sound of it are well chuffed with the result. Rightly so, we reckon.

Vince's new Shovel

Another nice bobber from Vince completed again in record time! The frame is in the 'rigids' section.

Toby's XL Softail

'The best bike in the world' is how Toby feels about his completed sportster softail urban warrior, & he was kind enough to send us some shots of it. A great 'dont mess with me' bike.

Neil's Bobber

Neil is a mate of Vince's (see above & below) who came to us in September '05 with an order for a wishbone rigid frame. Barely 4 months later, here it is finished, a beautiful classic bobber. 

John Ingrouille's sporty

Another quick worker, We made the rigid frame & oil tank for John in October '04. In Feb '05 he sent us this pic of the finished result. What's more, I think I remember that this was his first custom build! Good work John.

Neil Page's rigid Dyna chop

We got an order from Black Bear towards the end of 2003 for a couple of chop frames. One of which was this, an evo dyna rigid. The Page family all have Harleys and It became clear when doing some framework for Neil's brother Mark, that Neil was the man behind this frame order. Heard no more until the finished bike was featured in BSH Aug 2005. Lookin' good Neil. 

Photo nicked out of BSH

Bean's Zero Shovel

Shortly after finishing the frame for the Krazy Horse Zero sportster, (see below)  Bean came and asked us for a similar frame for his shovel, but with a different gooseneck to the KH frame. Bean used a good few hotrod parts which make the bike stand out even more. Like the KH bike, its been around the show circuit and had a lot of magazine coverage.

The Krazy Horse Zero bike

The story of this bike has been published all over the place; Paul, Krazy Horse's main man had an Ironhead sportster kicking about. Inspired by the decidedly different stuff that Zero Engineering of Japan were doing, He brought over a book of their work as reference, and we built the frame. A highly successful bike which has won many shows. It really put KH on the map. There are too many clever tricks to mention here; check out : http://www.krazyhorse.co.uk/ 

Smileys Evo

Smiley is Bean's (above) brother. He came to see us with a shovel swingarm frame to be raked and modified to accept an Evo engine. Here's the end result; one tough looking chop.

Vince's Panhead

A year after collecting his Evo rigid frame (see below) and 10 months after finishing the bike, Vince was ready to start another project and asked us for another, less raked frame to take a panhead he had sourced. Once again, Vince completed this neat bobber in record time. Featured in BSH 248.

This is the same bike as above! well some of it is. Vince blew the pan motor up and re-did the whole thing.

The Yellow Bike

We dont build bikes for the hell of it much these days, frame building keeps us too busy. But sometimes it just seems necessary. We had 2 or 3 orders for FXR softail frames come in at once back in spring 03, so we built an extra one while we were at it. We had a freshly rebuilt evo lump over in the corner, and the best part of an FXR primary drive and gearbox in another box somewhere. The gearbox case was damaged but repairable, so in doing this we modified it to provide offset for the 200 rear tyre- handily avoiding the usual hassles of getting more tyre into an FXR. Flame paint job by Ty at Pageant. Got it finished may 04 and immediately rode over to the super rally in Sweden where it performed well. Put a good few miles on it during 04-05 . Nice bike to ride.

Alain's Sporty Softail

Alain is a busy enterpreneur with a chain of pubs. He brought over most of his dismantled 1200 XL in June 03 in order that we build him a softail frame for it. Of course, we dont usually need a customers parts as we have many jigs, but chatting with Alain about his work and so on , we began to suspect that we would end up building the whole thing, which indeed proved to be the case. It was clear that this should be a tough, businesslike bike, what with his much warmed over lump, and the sportsbike running gear he brought us, so this is what we built.

Vince's Rigid Evo

Vince is an energetic up-and-coming custom builder from South London. Having made a big impression in the streetfighter world, he decided to give Harleys a go and ordered a well raked evo/ 4 speed rigid frame in winter 2002. Another bloke who does not waste any time, He had this matt black with attitude monster done in a couple of months

Jock's Dyna softail

Jock (NCC Gloucester) came to see us 01/02 time having spoken to Porky (see below) about his twincam project, wanting to do something similar. Jock knows what he wants and doesn't mess around. With a new twincam dyna as a donor bike, we made the Dynasoft frame and the wheels, and Jock finished the bike in record time. Jock is a dealer for OMD products, many of which can be seen on this bike. Having won various awards and ridden some miles, Jock sold the bike last year. Its new owner entered it in the Bulldog bash custom show, and picked up the 'best Harley' award.

Black Heat

 We built this in 2003 alongside Billy's bike (see below) Indeed the frame setup is very similar, but this one has a 240 rear wheel. It started with what appeared to be a good deal on a used Boz-built 98" S&S motor. We used a Zodiac 45mm offset spacer with support bearing to get enough clearance for a 240x 16  Metzler rear tyre. We made a set of solid wheels to suit. The frontend started life on a kawasaki ZRX1100 and we made the 6 over 43mm tubes for them. The black paintjob has subtle ghost flames on the tank. when we got it on the road it was clear that although powerful, the engine was not well at all. It smoked and rattled, so we took it to top fuel drag racer Chris Stebbing along with parts to replace everything inside the engine. Chris did a good job and now the engine runs perfectly. 

The Billy bike

No not that one! Billy lives locally. He had a nice mid 90s springer softail. Then, in Belgium in 2002, he used it to destroy a peugeot; a very noble sacrifice! When he recovered, he bought the wreck back from the insurance co and we helped him build this chop. Its not a custom frame, we modified the remains of the original; a process whereby if you have a stock frame, you can save major bucks. Front end is 6"over with deuce sliders; we modified the stance of a sportster tank to suit. Billy entered the East Coast Harley Club 03 summer party custom show and won the coveted 'hogs bollocks' award.

Alan's Proper Chopper

Alan, parts man at Black Bear HD finished this bad black rigid chop back in the summer (02) using an evo FXR engine & trans, solidly mounted and with pan covers. Satin black paintjob features real bullet holes thru the tank! See the bare frame on the 'rigids' page

Softail Buell

We finished this in August 02. An abandoned project bought from an emigrating customer, using an engine from a crashed Buell S1 and various XL1200S parts, Jap 3 spoke wheels, and one of our sportster softail frames. It proved to us again what a real fun bike the XLST is to ride.

Tony's 'Fighter

Tonys the Suffolk Chopper Club rep. He does a lot of miles. Quickly. He came to us with the remains of the frame (not one of ours!) from the original incarnation of this bike which had cracked up badly thru poor design and inadequate materials. We built him a much beefier one as seen here. Tony reports a big improvement; You'd hope so - anything is an improvement over having your frame almost falling in half!

Porky's Dyna Softail

Porky these days is the main bike sales guy at Black Bear HD, but he was at Krazy Horse when he had the 2nd Dynasoft frame we made, and built this beautiful twincam custom. We also made the rear wheel and yokes for the marzocchi upsidedownies. Ty at pageant did the eye grabbing paint job. Now in the hands of a new owner, and we believe, with a new paint job.

Twincam FXR Softail.

We think this was Britain's first Twin Cam chop. Built by us in 1999 / 2000, we mated a new TC lump with a modified early FXR box using a specially machined ally adapter plate which offset the gearbox 3/4" from the engine. This allowed a 180 tyre with a 37mm belt. Mounted in one of our (well stretched) FXR softail frames and wearing a set of our solid wheels, it has a host of one off parts. Multiple show winner, Featured in BSH no 210 ( Oct 2001) along with its new owner.
Now painted black.

Dynaglide Softail

This was our first Dyna softail frame built to evaluate the new design. Once everything was deemed OK, we prettied it up as seen here. Stock rake, 190 tyre on our 17" solid wheel (recently modified with a matching one on the front), Marzocchi forks in our own blind-top yokes. A cracking bike now in the hands of its new owner Matt.

Griff's Pan

Griff came to see us shortly after we moved to Norfolk in 1998. He'd commissioned the build up of an all new 80" panhead lump from a european source and wanted to mount it in a  softail frame to take a 200 rear tyre. Despite working out of the country for 6 months of the year, he got it done by spring '99. Griff has been winning prizes wherever he goes with it ever since. 

Pro Street styled FXR

We built this one in spring 2002, a mild custom based on a much modified FLT frame. It exemplifies the kind of one off mods that we are always being asked to do; adapting Japanese wheels and brakes (in this case ZX10) to fit Harleys, wide slab yokes for the stock 39mm forks, lowering seat rails, widening fenders etc. Not a megabuck out and out custom, but an affordable practical bike that’s different enough from stock to get noticed.

Henry the 8th

Not long after moving to Norfolk, a good deal came up via PM motorcycles on a damaged electraglide. When we collected it, it was clearly too good to chop, and too expensive to replace all the damaged tourer stuff, so we built this mild custom. The engine had been very recently rebuilt. One of the quitest running evos we've come across.
A blend of  Road King and Fat Boy styling elements, it obviously had to be called Henry the 8th.
You know, a fat king?

Gordon & Tracy's Outfit

'Subtle as a punch in the throat' was the description in the BSH feature back in '98. Gordon needed something to get his family to all the rallys that they attend each year, and thought a sidecar outfit would be a more unusual approach than the obvious trike solution. We made him an FXR softail frame, the yokes and oiltank. he then handed it all to the guys at Unit sidecars who did their stuff. Its that eye-searing paintjob thats the icing on the cake, though.

West coast FXR softail

We built this frame for (now defunct) Martys Custom Cycles in Los Angeles in 1996. Not complete here, but its the only shot we got.
I believe Marty went on to build engines for STD

Softail Sportster.

Built way back in '96 in conjunction with Neil then of 'Heavy Duty' magazine, this was our first sportster softail frame. A 883 with a 1200 conversion built by Boz, this lively motor really complemented the fine handling of our chassis. When Neil went on holiday for a couple of weeks, he left it with us with permission to use it if we wanted. Suffice to say, we didn’t want to give it back! A real tear-ass hooligans bike.

Brian's Roadrunner Sportster.

Brian got the drag racing bug a few seasons ago. When he approached us with the idea of building a custom styled bike which would be competitive in the supertwins class, we came up with this lightweight chrome - moly chassis for him to put his 88 inch 5 speed sportster motor in. We also made the alloy tail piece, oil tank, motor plates, modified the Parkers tank, and generally set the rolling chassis up. Brians running elevens now, and looks to better this soon.

Easyriders of St Louis.

These guys build some top class equipment. A few years ago Greg, the main man, who also heads up Astech who make a range of quality billet alloy parts, ordered a few of our FXR softail frames. This is what they turned them into.
We got the chance to meet Greg in person in 2001 and to examine his handiwork, suffice to say, you wouldn’t find more meticulous attention to detail anywhere. Greg was full of praise for our chassis work and mentioned that he has turned down offers of $40,000 for one of these bikes!!

Les Harris's Black Racer Sportster.

Les has been drag racing for ages, his Black Racer was originally campaigned in a stock sportster frame and he came to see us about weight shedding via a new frame, at the same time adding a bit of rake and length and lowering a bit. Essentially a chrome moly version of the standard frame, we moved back and reinforced the swingarm pivot, added length to the top tube and raked to 35 degrees. The stock frame weighed 47 pounds, ours weighed 28 pounds. 
Minnesota Fats.

We built this one in ’97 in part to verify that our FXR softail would go together OK with a 200 rear tyre, which was as fat as you could get back then, and a 37mm rear belt drive. This required a 27mm engine offset and we wanted to discover how this would affect handling. The answer was that there is a noticeable preference for left turns over right turns! The handling was by no means disastrous though and quite adequate for this style of bike which is never going road racing anyway!

We did conclude though that all other means of obtaining fat tyre clearance (e.g.. narrow belt, offsetting gearbox from engine, longer gearbox main shaft kits, and the newly available right side drive gearboxes) should be looked into before resorting to engine offset more than 20mm.
 Featured in BSH May ’98 along with … Jims ‘Dakota Black’.......

Jim Brown's Dakota Black FXR Softail.

Old mate Jim had a contract welding business on the same estate as our former premises in Waltham Abbey and would often happen by for a chat and many times helped out with a bit of work when we were quiet. When Jim saw our first FXR softail frame fresh off the jig, he wanted one, and so he had that very one. Using many parts that Jim had lying around, a drive train pieced together bit by bit, and a lot of one off parts made by us, this is what we built for him. 
Keith's XLST low-rider

Keith's in the South London NCC, and the Chopper Club guys build bikes that get ridden. So when he came to see us about providing a stretched version of our softail sportster frame, we knew that this would be one bay area styled bike that wound actually be ridden! Nice one Keith

Gary's Softail Shovel

Where it all started for CCD: Back in 1994 Gary treated himself to a early 80s wide glide for his birthday. At his party he came up to me and asked 'do you reckon that frame could be converted to a softail? We looked at a stock FXST parked nearby, then back at his shovel. Hmmm yeah, reckon so. Engine was rebuilt into an 88 incher. Bikes now been on the road 20 years, still going strong.