Work in Progress

On this page is a display of bike projects that are yet to be completed, both of ours and of our customers.




Our LSR bike.
Based around a Weslake V-twin. Read the full story here:


Sumos LSR bike.

Heres something you dont see often!, or ever before, probably. Sumo's going to Bonneville in 2012 and he's found a class to run in where the record looks beatable with this astonishing blown twin-Panther machine. Got some work to do yet of course, but we set him on his way with this chrome-moly chassis.
Follow build progress on:

Phil's mutant sporty

Seen here under construction at Andy Harris Custom Bikes, this is a frame we made early 2010. Looks like good progress is being made here.
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The V8 bike
Anyone who has been by our workshop this century will have seen this project parked by the door. Its a long-term project; some of the parts were made as long ago as 1991!

Its a little Daimler 2500cc engine. Obviously too small to use in a car, We had to build a bike around it. The engine was originally designed by Edward Turner in the late 50s when Daimler was still part of the BSA group. I think its reasonable therefore to refer to the bike as a BSA rocket 8!

Now finished and on the road.

Pilkys XLST Buell

We made this sportster softail frame for John in 2009. Here it is as a dry build.
Reckon it wont be long before its up & done now.

Phixers FXR softail

Phixer (Mark) is one of the Brit Chopper team.
Wanted to build a HD chop. Approached us on Chris Irelands suggestion.
We supplied almost everything, including the drivetrain.

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Hossack harley project

This is an in-house build-up. Wanted to explore the application of Norman Hossacks front-end ideas to a proper-chopper. The shock will run horizontally. Main fork piece is a one-piece U-tube.

Follow detailed progress on:


Daz's TR1

Daz was going to build a Yam Wildstar based chop, but when he turned up with the bits, much to our surprise, he'd brought along a TR1 lump instead. Whatever; we dont mind what engine you want to use!

Macen from Norfolk Chopper Club's new project

Macens rebuilding a mid 90s Road King into this chassis which we did circa xmas 2008/9. Its a 1.625" tube rigid with a similar jackshaft arrangement to Jims bike below. 

Macen is running 230 x 15 tyres front & rear. Widening those fenders took ages

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Jim from Essex Chopper Club's new project.

Considerably less radical than his previous chop, Malice in Wonderland, this Kwak Zephyr based project was fat 230 avons front & rear on Jims own rims, (they actually measure 270 fitted). 
We made a special jackshaft assembly for this which mounts in the rear engine plates and adjusts eccentrically. 

Click the pic to see it.

Rubbermount sportster softail.

At last, we finally get around to (almost) being able to offer a softail to take the 2004-up rubbermount sportster engine. Regular customer and goodguy Nige brought us an engine to work with. along with forks & wheels so we could do him a rolling chassis. 
We used the same suspension setup as on the FXR softail, since it works so well. There wasn't really enough time available to make all the necessary jigs & tooling to offer these for sale; we got about 70% of it done, but we'll have to do another one to finalise things. 
We'd probably do the oiltank a bit differently so it covers more of the swingarm sideplate, but theres definitely a promising design there.

Click the pic for more shots. Now on the road.

Micks big-twin Mutant

For some reason, no-one seems to have done a mutant style bike with a big twin lump. Not that we've seen anyway! 
Mick's using an FXR drivetrain, which makes things easier here.

Marks Mutaneous Yam

They dont get much odder than this; We'd never seen a Yan TDM850 lump before, but Mark had one and conceived this project.
Kind of mutant like, there were many ways we could have gone with this, but this one allowed Mark to retain the stock induction system to minimise tuning hassles. 
Good luck Mark!

Murrels's new project

Murrels is in the Suffolk NCC and has been thinking about doing a proper job on his softail for a while. We did the big-tube rigid frame, oiltank, fender (oops, sorry Murrels, mudguard!), seatbase, 'bars Wide yokes, disc spacers etc to his spec. 
Now on the road, but we've not got a pic yet.

Martins Mutant

Seen on the 'rigids' frame page. We supplied the frame, oiltank, seat & rear fender. Now finished, and on the 'bikes' page.

Haighys W650

 Haighy sold this on. Was completed by Graeme Souter. See it on the Hall of fame page.

Duncan from Deftrapz's new project.

 Frame as seen on the rigids page. Here it is with forks & wheels

New Krazy Horse Zero project

The KH zero sportster created a lot of attention, particularly from one customer who brought in his dismantled BSA A65 project, to be re-done in the zero style. 
One complicating factor here is that the customer specified that the frame should be made using where possible original BSA frame castings. This was only possible in a few places, so we had to fabricate 'look-alike' castings for the headstock, axle plates, etc. We also made the alloy oil tank and set up the forks & wheels.  
NOW FINISHED click on the pic to see the completed bike on  the Krazy Horse site

Nigels Buell

Nigel came to us via Andy at Harley Tech. He showed us photos of a US built frame, and we basically copied it. We also made the yokes and the oiltank.
Now on the road

Grahams Softail Sportster.

Graham approached us a few years back with the idea of a lighter, more manouverable softail style custom. It could only be a sportster really; about 100lbs lighter than a big twin based ride, here it is still under construction.

Now complete. See it on the bikes page.