Rigid Frames 

We didn't used to get asked for rigids all that often, but in the last few years they've become massively popular again. Partly, we suspect, because of the influence of the various satellite / cable TV programs that have been doing the rounds.

We don't mind, its your arse! they're a good way to get a clean looking custom without breaking the bank. 
Sportsters, Solid mounted FXR / FLTs & Dynas: 830

Traditional solid-mount (evo type) Big twin: 870

Anything else (Where we would need your engine) 920

 Plus options like covered axle plates, which are 90 extra. Ask us about any special requirements you may have.

Here are some examples:

An unusual gooseneck frame for a sportster. Goosenecks dont cost extra; this one, with the front mounted oil tank and covered axle plates was 1040.

The customer sold the bike uncompleted. The guy who finished it off ditched the front oil tank. Dont blame him! (wasn't our idea)

This is about as stretched as we can do on our jig; we can go a bit longer but 9.5" upstretch is about the maximum.

Built for Tribal Cycles in Cyprus, its inspired by
a (nother!) Redneck Engineering frame, slightly longer at the back - stock FXST length. The curved tube and covered axle blocks mean it'd cost 1000.

Note that all 5-speed big twin frames now have integral gearbox plate.

This is a copy of a Jessie James frame built for Laura of Essex Chopper Club. A design like this with a 'braced' backend is inherently flawed as the bracing doesn't brace against anything other than whats there already.Bracing should really connect things together, like the rear wheel & gearbox mounts for instance.
 We've seen frames like this crack at the point immediately in front of where the diagonal bracing tube meets the lower hardtail tube.

So with this in mind, we made the bracing tube of light gauge material, and inserted an internal tube into the critical area inside the lower hardtail tube to prevent any cracking.

Here's a Yam TR1 (V-twin) frame we did for Daz. spring 09.
Also on the 'work in progress' page.

This is a mutant style frame for an FXR engine & box. The extra length of the big twin drivetrain makes for a more stretched mutant look.
Compare the sportster one below.
This'd cost 925

Built for Nige from Leicester Chopper Club, a shorter than stock rigid for a twincam dyna engine.

This is a sportster rigid with a stock length rear end. Sportsters are short at the back, so to get a straight line from headstock to axle takes a lot of front downtube stretch; 6" in this case. 3" forward stretch was also necessary to get enough seat / tank room.
A frame like this would cost 915

A well stretched curved-single-downtube rigid we made for Dan in December '06.
Built with 45mm gearbox offset to take a 250 tyre.
We charge 40 extra for curved tubes.

Another new mutant style project
Martin hails from Ireland; our whole deal was done over the internet.
This is the third redneck clone we have done.  Delivered in November '06, Martin's  done it now (may 07) More on the 'work in progress' & 'bikes' pages

More US clones; this one we made for Adam in the style of  '2-bit choppers' with a few improvements of our own.
Has 35-degree rake 1” lower headstock, 3” toptube stretch. And curved tubes everywhere.

A big-tube sportster rigid; 35 degree rake, no stretch and set up to take a 180 rear tyre.

The Kawasaki W650 is an unusual, but excellent choice of engine for a chop.
We were pleased to get Haighys order for this frame; always makes a refreshing change to undertake something new.
Seen also on the 'work in progress' page.http://www.ccd-briz.com/Bikes.htm

Sadly Haighy was forced to sell the project uncompleted, it was taken up & finished by Graeme Souter. See it on the bikes page

Heres a low riding traditional rigid in 1" tube to take a pan or shovel lump.
Vince's latest project.
Now finished; See it on the 
bikes page.

A 1.25" tube shovel 5 speed wishbone rigid to take a 250 rear tyre.
Built for Duncan of the sadly defunct Deftrapz motorcycles in Carlisle.

A solid mount shovel big twin, built for Ted from the E.C.H.C
Now finished. See it on the 'Bikes' page
This ones  for a solidly mounted FXR engine and trans (rubber mounted rigid's generally don't work for reasons related to those mentioned in the text about our FXR softails)
Alan at Black Bear has now completed this one- a radical black ground scraper.
See it on the 'bikes' page

Here's a rigid for a sportster of fairly stock dimensions.
Oil tank, battery carrier and rear motor mounts done in the same way as on our Sportster Softail.

Black Bear HD commissioned this one a few years ago, an unashamed rip off of Jesse James 'smith and wesson' frame complete with bullet holes.
Big chunky cradle tubes (1.625") and all for 950. Ol' Jesse probably wants the GDP of Paraguay for his version.

And here is a similar one done more recently for a sportster engine.
Now finished, see it on the 'bikes' page; 'Marks Nitrous Nightmare'

Of course, if you're on a budget we can most likely hardtail your stock frame.
Like this evo sportster. From 300