Terms Of Business


All of our frames are made to order. We tried making them for stock once, but there are too many different permutations in terms of rake and other dimensions for this to work.

To order a frame or other product, a 25 - 30% deposit is required. This gets you in the order book. We will send a receipt for this and advise on current turnaround time. This varies between 3 and 8 weeks depending on workload.

If you are a repeat customer, we may waive the deposit requirement, at our discretion.

Trade customers MAY be allowed 30 day invoice payment. If this is abused, you go back to payment on collection.

If you bring us parts to work on and you have particular requirements as to the way you want things done, please could you let us know what those requirements are? In writing? Obvious you say? Not to some it seems!

While were on the subject of the obvious; If you bring us work to do or place an order, your doing so constitutes authorisation to get started on that work as & when our schedule allows. We try to give as good an indication of turnaround time as we can, but circumstances sometimes cause that to change. Often, we are able to get jobs done sooner than predicted if a hole appears in our schedule.

Any quotes or estimates given in response to customer enquiries will be based on the customers description of that job. If a customer wants the job done in a different or more complicated way than usual, or if unforseen problems occur, or the customerwants extra work done that was not in the original plan, then that quote or estimate will be subject to change.

Please do not bring us parts to work on if you have not made up your mind about whether you want it done or not! Only bring them along when you are sure you want us to proceed.

Please ensure that any parts that are needed that you are going to supply for the job are supplied to us in a timely manner, and are here when we get started on the job. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, all relevant parts should be supplied at time of placing order. If you fail to supply essential parts and do not authorise their supply from an alternative source, we may refuse to continue with the job. In this case all contracts between CCD and yourself will be null and void.

We welcome all the technical input you can give us about your project that is relevant to the job in hand. If you provide written details, please give us all details on one email, sheet or set of sheets. Please dont expect us to assemble all the details from multiple old emails going back months!  If you give us drawings, please ensure that they have all details of what the drawing is of written on them. If the drawings have critical dimensions, please give tolerances. If there are no specified tolerances, we will apply our own based on experience and good practice, and will try to get them as close as is possible & practicable according to the application.

Unless your job is of an ongoing nature, a complete bike build for example, please do not expect us to store your stuff forever! If we do not hear from you for over 3 months, we will levy storage charges of 5 per week backdated to the start of that 3 months. This will not apply if  the job is a pre-arranged long-term project. It is your responsibilty to manage your motorcycle project properly. Stay in touch; communication is a 2-way street.

If you have any kind of problem with the way we have done your work, please let us know what those problems are, and please base those concerns upon facts and proper inspection of that work. We will always do our best to rectify any problems free of charge.

All our work is done with proper regard to good engineering principles. If we have doubts as to the soundness of the ideas you wish us to implement, we will say so. If you insist that we go ahead with ideas that we consider dubious, it will be at your own risk and we may insist on signed disclaimers. We reserve the right to refuse to do things which we consider unsafe or that might endanger the rider or other road users. We will always err on the side of  safety and sound engineering over aesthetics.
With 40 years of custom motorcycle engineering behind us, none of the frames we have made have ever failed in normal use (ie. not including accidents & collisions) to our knowledge. We want to keep it that way!


Its usually best if you come & get your frame, because we can run through technical details  and offer advise. In some cases this is not possible, we know. There are various courier services who will deliver frames to UK addresses from about 60, dependent on weight & size.

If there is any difficulty getting to us, or coming up with the final payment, please talk to us. If despite leaving a deposit, we do not hear from you and cannot get in touch, then we do reserve the right to dispose of your order after 3 months from completion. If we sell the uncollected order within 6 months (from completion) then we will refund half your deposit. After 6 months your deposit will be considered eaten up in storage charges. This has only happened once. Some folks are just weird.


We get many enquiries from overseas, especially the US and we are happy to do business anywhere. The  most commonly asked questions are:

What is the price in dollars?

The answer is that we don't know. Exchange rate fluctuations prevent us from quoting in other currencies. We require payment in GB pounds. Check with your bank for current exchange rates.

How much is shipping?

Last time we checked, airfreight to the US was around $475. We would usually try to arrange for freight to be paid by the recipient if possible. Don't forget that customs charges will also apply.

How do I pay you?

Bank transfer is best. We don't do credit cards. Banks want too much to arrange the facility. Contact us for details

We reserve the right to change the above conditions at any time, at our discretion.